Horror Movies Don’t Scare Me Anymore

When I was eleven An American Werewolf in London(tm) came out. When I was twelve The Thing(tm) came out. I was very impressionable, because the face melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark(tm) freaked me out. Either I was too young, or those special effects did their job.

Since I’ve always wanted to see what was behind the curtain of a magic show, I began to read Fangoria Magazine(tm). It showed me what was behind the curtain. Now instead of the gruesome gore, I look for the story. Never look behind the curtain, just enjoy the show.

Cut to this generation. There has been a rash of PG13 horror movies. The rated R movies are horror porn. That whole ‘buckets ‘o blood’ type movie. This tells me that horror movies don’t have the capacity to disturb me anymore. Se7en(tm) disturbed me. It wasn’t a horror movie, and it came out in 1995. I guess the psychological is freakier than the gore.

I’m just hoping now that horror movies can make me think about things instead of having Jason ripping off arms.

I couldn’t finish reading Pet Cemetery(tm), but could watch it with no problem. And they say that a book could never be as scary as a movie. People don’t realize that the greatest, most expensive special effects are eclipsed by a person’s imagination.

I haven’t seen Oculus(tm) yet, but they’re saying that it’s one of the scariest movies in decades. I’ll give my review when I see it.

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