First Review of the Spark

My book became active last week, and I offered it to Amazon reviewers to read and write what they thought of my tale. This is an arduous process for an author. You have to believe your story is good to other people in order for you to display it for the masses. You don’t want to be that American Idol contestant that the judges laugh at on the early part of the season shows.

Here is the first review. It’s from a person I didn’t know until I received it. Oh, and it’s a five star by the way.

Spark of Dawn Review

Spark of Dawn by Kyle Robertson was a fast moving exciting adventure. It had just enough romance to keep it enjoyable and lots of suspense and mystery. It was so exciting I read it even faster than usual. Worth taking the time to read. Hope he writes more books!

Yeah, it feels kind of good that strangers like your stuff.


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