Final Option Excerpt

Alright people.  This one can be controversial in certain eyes. This s The Final Option: A Science Fiction Novel about Armageddon.

This excerpt will tell you of the intensity of the story, and the determination of the character, Geogyn Kai.

The Final Option excerpt

As he neared the House Chamber, police, security, and Secret Service were in every nook and cranny surrounding the building. They were ready to protect the president with their lives. Although some didn’t agree with Nelson’s actions, they believed in the office held. They would execute without a second thought. The police were proud to have the detail of protecting the president. Getting to Nelson would be difficult, but all he had to do was get to him.
Geogyn was one hundred yards from the entrance. He pinpointed all the snipers on the designated rooftops. He saw security patrolling the grounds, monitoring the patrons that were invited to the address. He saw the sea of press on the outside, and expected an ocean of them inside. Everyone was preparing for the speech. Geogyn’s preparations came for the hour before the speech.
He knew the president’s cavalcade would arrive soon, so he had to infiltrate with expedience.
Geogyn had his gear activated, but just because he was invisible didn’t mean he had no substance. Getting through the crowd of people undetected was daunting. He had to make it to the entrance without touching anyone. That obstacle was about one hundred yards long.
Just like Sanders running for a touchdown, he thought. Except there are hundreds of aimless defenders instead of just eleven determined ones. At least there’s no out of bounds.
Mentally he mapped his route between the guests and press. He calculated their speed of movement, but their direction was obscurely varied.
I can do this. I’ve dodged bullets before, he thought. But I, at least, knew where the bullets were going. Come on, Geogyn. This isn’t impossible, just difficult.
He was beginning to have doubts. If he were to run into someone, his element of surprise would be gone. It would be laborious even with the N.O.S.E. gear on. Any disruption would cause an automatic lock down, and President Nelson wouldn’t show.
They would sequester the president, until they found something. Ron would confer with the Secret Service, and tell them about the Nicaraguan affair. They would make it impossible to locate Nelson, even after his term. All because Geogyn bumped someone. This had to be executed flawlessly. If it wasn’t, latter attempts would be arduous.
Then he recalled his skill of completing a mission when he set his mind to it, no matter how impossible it seemed.
My mission is to get to the entrance. He became more assured of himself. I’ve mapped it out, so I’ll get into state, and just do it.
It didn’t take Geogyn long to get into Attainment Status. Once he formulated a successful outcome, he programmed his body to complete the task. Reflexes took over. The thinking role was complete. He began to move, swiftly, to the entrance, through the thick midst of patrons.
He started by crossing the street. He negotiated all the moving vehicles with ease, avoiding them and getting to the other side. A news van was parked in his path. He jumped, and placed his hand on the roof of the van. He stood on his hand, and was upside down for an instant. He calculated his release so he could land between a reporter, and her camera crew. He did a high, arcing somersault and landed silently in front of the reporter. He slid past the lights of the camera crew, and avoided a senator’s wife who bent down to pick up her handbag. He bridged himself by arching his back over her, and did a hand stand.
He twisted to his side on his left hand to avoid an erratic cameraman trying to get into position for another reporter. He had to stay balanced, and hop across the camera cables.
He walked on his hands for a few steps, before he laid on his back, flat on the ground. The catering crew was carrying in an ice sculpture of a swan. There were four of them. Two on either side of the swan, moving toward the entrance.
He rolled on his stomach, under the swan, and began to move with it. It stayed on course for a great distance, until they moved to the left through a large crowd. They were going to the catering entrance.
Geogyn knew the layout of the building. He had been there before. He knew the caterer’s entrance wasn’t connected in any way to his target’s future location. He laid flat, and let the caterers pass over him. He turned on his back to avoid another senator hastily walking to greet a constituent.
He quickly stood and side-flipped over them to get back on track. He had to spin to move past another reporter, He put his hands up for balance, and quickly froze to let a policeman pass unscathed.
As the policeman passed, he did an arcing suicide dive over the House speaker as he walked towards him, and rolled near the entrance. It took about forty-five seconds.
He made it. The first leg of infiltration was successful. All he had to do now was get through the X-ray and metal detector.
He was still invisible, visually, but the detectors would make him stick out like a sore thumb. The second leg of his mission was just as impossible as the first. Then he saw the component for a successive action which wouldn’t alert. That component was the SNN camera crew.

I hope this was enough to pique your interest.

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