Fiction Can Take You Anywhere

When I began writing, it wasn’t with worded books. Well, they had words, but the pictures were more prominent.  I started with graphic novels in high school. My character Drakx got me through my four years of awkwardness.

I wasn’t an outcast mind you, I had a girlfriend, and kidding with the football team gave me major back up, but I didn’t do the typical high school activities of the others. Instead of sports, I was on stage crew, rapping, and drawing.

When you’re an only child, you want constant companionship. I was an extrovert having a few friends, and trying to be funny all the time.

When I got out of the Army, I acquired a family, and work took over imagination. An hourly wage, not fabrication kept my kids clothed. After I had a scary episode with my health, and couldn’t work anymore, my imagination came roaring back.

Like the title says, fiction can take you anywhere. I enjoy non-fiction books, but when you think about it, fiction rules the literary roost. Why are they called non-fiction instead of calling them fact? Think about it.

Now I’ve done many different stories. I can go anywhere in my mind. Science fiction is the most fun because if it’s in the future, who could check your work for accuracy? You could imagine any society in any environment on any planet. If you want to do an adventure on Jupiter, you have to make a plausible way to have an adventure on a planet so large, you could be crushed under your own weight. That tid bit was fact. When you mix the two then you could have a compelling story.

Just look at some of the stories throughout the ages. From Greek mythology to Jupiter Ascending ™, and just think that none of it is real, but something maked you very comfortable on your visit there.

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