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The Blurb A devious tale of psychological suspense involving sex, deception, and an accidental encounter that leads to murder. This is a modern re-imagining of Patricia Highsmith’s classic  Strangers on a Train from the author of the acclaimed The…

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Lies. Damn Lies & Donald Trump Statistics   There’s never been a presidential candidate like Donald Trump – someone so cavalier about the facts and so unwilling to ever admit error, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.   Donald Trump’s…

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Hello friends! I still plan to pop in here occasionally. However, in the past couple months I’ve been in the process of launching a new blog/website over at . And it’s up and running! Why the move? Well, the simplest answer is that…

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I need an ARC Team Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:03:49 +0000 […]]]> I just finished my new book. When I post it on Amazon, I want to hit the ground running. Many new eBooks post with no fanfare. Those are the new books sent to die in the self-publishing jungle. I don’t want my book to be stillborn when it posts.

An ARC team stands for individuals who receive an advance review copy of the book before it posts to read and review when it comes out. Kind of like a movie review before the movie comes out. I give you the pdf FREE. The only cost will be your review. There’s no influence ib anyway. If you like it, tell about it. If you don’t, tell about it as well. The reason for a review is for my feedback. It makes me a better author.

The book is called I’m Not Him: The Mistaken Identity Alien Kidnapping Romance. Here’s a chapter and the cover. If you think you would like the free pdf. email me and I’ll send it to you. Good until Oct 31, 2017.

INH Chao2

Thanks, Kyle

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I Made My eBook a Paperback! Wed, 09 Aug 2017 19:04:45 +0000 […]]]> I’ve been trying to transfer my eBooks into paperbacks. I know some people are traditional and don’t own any e-readers. I even know someone who still owns a flip-phone. crazy right?

I’ve been writing every day. If you keep your rust away, you’ll stay well oiled.

This was a large eBook, but becoming has made it Stephen King’s The Stand gargantuan. It weighs in at 775 pages. Look at the reviews. Someone said it was a ‘quick read’.

Well, here it is. Tell me if you like it.

Final Mental Adventure

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Chapter Six of my New Story Sun, 02 Jul 2017 14:04:50 +0000 […]]]> I write fiction tales. I know they aren’t based on any true events, but in order to create great fiction, there must be a factual concept within the subtext. You want to create a wild story people talk about past the plot.

The book I’m working on is a commentary on bullying. I was an only child so bullying came with growing up. The major misnomer about bullying is it’s just an adolescent problem. People have limited capacities at the adolescent age. When they age, they become more creative in their torment.

This is just a chapter of I’m Not Him. It’s a hard sci-fi adventure. Hard sci-fi is based on true science theory you can read about. I hope my story will spark discussion past the crazy plot. Please enjoy.

INH Chapter Six

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I Write Stories of Adventure, Entertainment, and Romance Tue, 20 Dec 2016 01:50:28 +0000 […]]]> I’m almost 47 years old, and I’ve been telling my stories since high school. My stories stemmed from my comic book, and anime interests. I always wanted to escape the purgatory of math, and home ec.

I think I became proficient at quelling my boredom. I learned a lot, but not the mandatory curriculum.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know the basics. I’m talking about knowing who Michael Moorcock, Issac Asimov, Stephen King, Phillip K. Dick, Clive Barker, Michael Crihcton, Gary Gygax, George Perez and John Byrne were. Those people shaped my interests.

{‘m not embarrassed, but my mom made me watch Dynasty in the ’80s. I thought it was plastic drivel, but that shaped my interests in romance, and how not to create it.

Reading, and going to the movies was my happiness. I like happiness, and according to life, I think you enjoy happiness as well.

Join my blog, and let’s enjoy together. Check out my eBooks.

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Facebook PDF Giveaway Party! Wed, 14 Dec 2016 17:23:39 +0000 […]]]> There’s a PDF giveaway going on! Join my giveaway to promote my new eBook, The Millennium Malevolence Compendium, It comes out in January, and I need a few honest reviews for momentum. It begins Friday, Dec. 16, 7 PM CST. It lasts until 10 PM CST. We can talk about this fantasy sci-fi adventure, get my Christmas present, and enjoy over the holidays. I will announce availability in January, and just leave a review. Thank you for your help.

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New eBook! Wed, 25 May 2016 00:37:41 +0000 […]]]> There’s a launch party on Facebook June 1st 7PM CST.

This is the event to relese, Wrong Step. This a new eBook on Amazon, and it’s an urban fiction drama about an African emigrant photographing a member of a Jamaican posse. This is an adventure chase through New York.

Join, and let’s have fun!

WS three four                                                                                 Download the eBook for 99 cents here. Downloads to your kindle or electronic equivalent automatically! Read the prologue here;

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