Fantasy is a Beautiful Thing

I was discussing graphic novels with friends on Facebook yesterday, and we got into a debate about who could beat who. We referenced stats of certain individuals, and put them up against opponents from different stores, titles, genres, and companies. It got heated.

One person said that Batman could beat anybody, while another said that Galactus was the ultimate. It went from Marvel to DC to Dark horse to even Comico, remember Kevin Matckstick?

We all came up with scenarios where our hero could beat theirs. Now the rules were that your hero could only use what he was given, ergo Batman couldn’t use the Infinity Gauntlet. We all got through the exercise with legitimate arguments. It was a fun night.

We were into a heated discussion about characters that don’t exist. Reality is a cold, hard bitch, but we didn’t let her in our exclusive club. She’d knock over the drinks.

With all the wars, famine, and pandemic scares in the world, we like to stroke the fur of fantasy like a Bond villain cat 😀



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