Every Man is a Feminist

I just got an e-mail from one of my Russian friends, and she told me about how Russian men treat their women.

Now this is an opinion about Russian relationships, just a microcosm of the entire picture, but this is what she said.

The Russian women can accomplish many things for their man, but are deprived of gratitude from their man. They give no warmth or tenderness. They just expect to be catered to. Maybe that is just her experience, but being in Germany in the Army, I witnessed many Germans care more about soccer than their women. I don’t think it’s just a European thing. How many Americans are more interested in the playoffs, than a dinner with their lady?

This put something in my mind. Many men don’t realize the jewels they have been bequeathed with. The first month of being together is the best month in your life, but once you get comfortable with your woman, it’s just the next week. Men have to stop the mundane comfort trap, and pay attention to their significant others. That first month feeling stays with them until you stop paying attention.

A feminist is someone who advocates equality for all females so they get treated the same as the men. If you love your mother, I don’t care how crass, or rude you are, you’re a feminist.

Cut the machismo, and deduce the particulars. If you’re not homosexual, do you want to cuddle with a guy? Do you want to taste the soft lips of Butch, and give him flowers? No.

We need to appreciate our women. Stop expecting them to cook, and clean for you. Cook, and clean with them.

I’m not a famed relationship coach, but I’ve had many friends with many break-ups, and the lack of appreciation, and respect played a major part in those break-ups, aside from infidelity. Take my advice with a grain of salt, but at least listen to it.

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