Embrace Your Geek

When I was a kid, my favorite toy was Acroyear from The Micronaughts. It wasn’t a shiny train set, or an Evel Kineval wind up motorcycle. I actually broke mt Tonka truck in wich they claimed couldn’t be broken. No one ever heard of Acroyear when I was a child. Most of you don’t know what an Acroyear is today.

I had to understand my nerd early. When I was ten, and saw my father watching a football game, I used to run in, and ask “Who’s winning?” After that question, I had to ask “Who’s playing?” Pop knew I was a nerd, because I thought the team’s colors influenced their winning factor instead of Icky Woods, Thurman Thomas, or Reggie White.

As I got older, and video football games go popular, I fell in love with football, but as you can see, the nerd got me interested.

It’s official, I’m a geek. People think that Shaquille O’Neal, and Joe Montana are wealthy, but they’re wrong. Those two sports legends are rich, Bill Gates is wealthy. Rich is being comfortable for you, your kids, and your grand kids. Wealthy is having your entire future line of relatives, even the ones that haven’t been born yet, in comfort. Bill is the king of the nerds.

All I’m saying is that you have to embrace your nerd, geek, Trekkie, oddball, weirdo, techie, or any other unique label they brand you with. I know that you’re one of those things. Why else would you read this as far as you have? I’m a geek. Wouldn’t you like to be a geek too? 🙂

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