Dream Training

We are fiction writers. Where do we get our inspiration from? My inspiration comes from imagination, and dreams.

There was an iconic tale from a woman called Mary Shelly. She lived from 1797 to 1851. She created one of the most famous dark, and Gothic stores of that century, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus in 1818. She said that Frankenstein came to her from a dream. Frankenstein’s monster has permeated lore for over 200 years, and they’re coming out with movies even today.

H.R. Geiger said that he used opium to keep his dreams at bay. The alien monster didn’t ebb from the drug. It came from his dreams. Opium was just his way to train his dream.

Now I’m just speculating, but Phillip K. Dick had created some celestial, ethereal stories, and I believe that his drug use influenced many of his tales. He allowed his dreams to run rampant in his mind, but when they were penned, he omitted the urnuly broccoli monsters, and made the story plausible. That’s training.

Drugs have played a major influence in our art. In-A-Godda-Da-Vida was created by Iron Butterfly in 1968, and many people don’t know that that song was supposed to be named In The Garden Of Eden, but a drug trip gave it that unintelligible name.

I don’t use drugs. Oh I have indulged when I was younger, but my mind is so warped that if I was on drugs, my stories may straighten themselves into boredom. I train my dreams.

When I dream, things become uninhibited like everyone’s dreams. I just have to omit the dancing ninja sloths. Although, I bet I could craft an incredible ninja sloth adventure.

I thought that I was finished with my first book. I wasn’t an author. When I was in high school I made comic books that people liked. I made characters like Snare Sword, Ninjet, and Futureshock. I actually had many stories in me, and the stories haven’t depleted yet. And now that I think about it, I have an incredible resource when I go to sleep.

You dream until you die, so every night you have another adventure. You just have to weed out the Green Beret Barbies so you can pick and choose the good ones that make the cut.

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