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I have decided to give you a taste of one of my stories. You might want more. All of my e-books are on Amazon at This excerpt is from The Platinum Retriever: The Story of Earth’s Unexpected Savior, please enjoy.

Platinum Retriever Excerpt

“Detective Barret, I presume,” the leader said. “Your execution was deft, if we didn’t know you two were coming.”
Steve leaned to me. “What’s with the ballet troupe?”
“I have no idea, Steve,” I said.
“As I said before, we knew you were coming. We have perfected a nullification suit so you can’t damage us. We also have a warrior trained in Muy Thai,” the leader explained. “That is our contingency. Obliterators, take them!”
They came at us like Cirque Du Soleil performers, back flipping and bouncing around. I decided to be proactive and advanced towards them. I ran up and blasted one of them in the chin. He dropped like a flipping sack of potatoes.
“In spite of all your preparation, you still brought a water gun to a bazooka fight!” I called out for all to hear.
The leader was silent for a second, then spoke. “We will see who is making funny quips when you are swarmed. Obliterators, engulf him.”
They all came at once. At least I was getting my workout in for the day. I began to swing. I connected with many jaws and chins. Steve wasn’t too shabby either. He was Golden neGloves in the military, so he connected as well.
We were mowing down the Obliterators. Each Obliterator that attacked us received a fist as a consolation prize.
As the pile of unconscious Obliterators began to get difficult to navigate, the leader stopped them.
“Obliterators halt!” he yelled.
We were breathing like we’d done an hour on a treadmill.
“I guess you’re tired of your cast of The Jazz Singer dropping like flies, now give me my women!” I yelled.
“Oh, that was just a warm up so you don’t cramp when Nordax attacks you. Nordax?” the leader called out to a much larger Obliterator.
He came from the back, walked in my direction, and got into a Muy Thai battle stance.
“So, this is your ringer. I’m going to do the same to him, beat him like he stole something!” I yelled.
“Let us move to the front of the warehouse. We can catch a nice cross breeze, and you won’t trip over knocked out bodies,” the leader said, coyly.
“I got this one, Steve,” I told him, “Keep my dinner warm,” I added, arrogantly.
Arrogance is the preconceived offensive display of your superiority. We walked to an open area at the front of the warehouse. I figured I would hurt him enough for them to comply with my wishes. I got in a lackadaisical stance, and put up my fists. Nordax ran up to me, and elbowed me in the nose. As I hit the ground, I immediately became diffident!
Nordax bounced back, and watched my broken nose bleed into my mouth.
How could a Tweek break my nose?! That was because I let him break my nose. I looked at Nordax. He was a larger, ripped Obliterator. His muscles were trying to escape his bodysuit.
As I wiped my nose, I stood and said, “Okay, Tweek that was a good one. You were quick and aggressive, kudos. I let you have one, but that’s all I’ll let you have. One.”
I got into a Hapkido fighting stance, and beckod him over. “Bring the noise, big boy!”

I hope that this intrigues you.

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