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I need an ARC Team

I just finished my new book. When I post it on Amazon, I want to hit the ground running. Many new eBooks post with no fanfare. Those are the new […]

I Made My eBook a Paperback!

I’ve been trying to transfer my eBooks into paperbacks. I know some people are traditional and don’t own any e-readers. I even know someone who still owns a flip-phone. crazy […]

I write fiction tales. I know they aren’t based on any true events, but in order to create great fiction, there must be a factual concept within the subtext. You […]

There‚Äôs a PDF giveaway going on! Join my giveaway to promote my new eBook, The Millennium Malevolence Compendium, It comes out in January, and I need a few honest reviews […]

There’s a launch party on Facebook June 1st 7PM CST. This is the event to relese, Wrong Step. This a new eBook on Amazon, and it’s an urban fiction drama […]

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started listening to The Liar by  Nora Roberts .  I have never read one of her books before but I’ve definitely […]