Busy At Work

I’ve been fabricating a tale of ethereal, dark danger. I have read many books, and have seen many movies. It is tough to create something that hasn’t been created before. A fiction writer has their own difficulty. A nonfiction writer has different difficulties.

We both research, however,  a nonfiction writer has to be factual. Fiction writers rely on nonfiction writers to make their fiction plausible. Rather quantum, huh?

Literary paradox aside, our job is difficult. I usually get an idea that sparks a creative ember. I have to get to a computer before that spark gets snuffed.

I guess I’m predictable. Writing stories is the only place that I’m comfortable. I’ve been in Baton Rouge for about three years, and since I can’t see well enough to drive, I just sit here, and write. Trust me. The adventures in my mind will eclipse my day to day adventure in the real world.

Well, I’m at work writing, and imagining. When it’s ready, I’ll show it.

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