What is ASD? It stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder. My beautiful son, Jehrick, has Asperger’s Syndrome. That’s an ASD.

The first time he was diagnosed with the disease, The nurse wasn’t trained well in hospital etiquette. She just told us that our son had Autism. She did it straight with no chaser.

The first thing that ran through my mind was Raymond Bobbitt. You know, Rain Man? My Autism skills were severely limited at the time, so I’m thinking he would just settle on Judge Wapner, and hate to fly.

My son educated me in Autism. He wasn’t slow like I thought he would be. His speech development, and social skills were anemic, but he became interested in video games. I was walking by him on his computer playing Doom(tm), but he wasn’t keyboard, and mousing it. He was typing code!

Now I’m a gamer. When my sight was better, I’d be at the nightmare level all day, but I couldn’t design a level! That was exactly what he was doing. He never ceased to amaze me.

He graduated MSOE (Milwaukee School Of Engineering) college this year, and is being head hunted as I speak.

If you are labeled with a disability, it doesn’t mean that you are disabled totally. I’m labeled with legal blindness, but with Hubble Telescope thick glasses, and a keyboard you could see from space with the naked eye, I can write. Don’t ask me to tweak a transistor in a DVR, or drive, but I can write. I just better not lose my glasses. My son taught me that through example. And I thought that I would be his teacher. It’s strangely satisfying for your kid to be smarter than you are.

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