Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Okay, I know that I’m a nerd. I know the Infinity Gauntlet better than I know what style is new this season, but I like football. I don’t have Hardwck Syndrome.

Chris may be fine with my interest, because I learned from football video games. When I sat in the break room at work, and the game was on, my co-workers called me Mini Madden because I was calling the calls before they announced them live. You have to know the rules of a game. If you don’t, hockey would just be aggressive figure skating with a puck, and soccer would be a bunch of guys kicking a ball around to you. If you don’t know the rules of a sport, it could get very boring.

Now that I know the mechanics of football, it is very exciting. The tittle “Dumb Jock” doesn’t apply in football. If you play any football video game, just think of how many plays you have on offense. Now, as long as it takes to master just a few of those plays, that entire list is only 10% of an NFL(tm) playbook. Every player needs to know every play by the name, and make sure they cut left instead of right. Football is a complicated, calculating sport. What works over your opponent this week won’t work next week. You hear about your opponent gong over film during the beginning of the week? They are trying to figure you out. That is why a great team becomes a chameleon every week.

Watching football is fun. That is why the wives who aren’t interested in football become pigskin widows from August to February. Are you ready?

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