Adult Influence

When I began my career as an author, I began rather harsh in my vocabulary. I thought that harsh language made my stories have a bite to them. I took the path of least resistance.

That wasn’t me. I was more intelligent than that. When I wrote battle lyrics, I never cursed, I just described the dissolution. When I finished my verse, the crowd was silent. I thought I sucked until a crowd member told me that my rhymes quieted the crowd with their menace.

Now that I think about it, you don’t have to curse to shock. You can disturb with knowledge. That’s a sign of talent.

My stories are definitely not for kids. I never catered to children, but like GTA, kids will get what they want. It isn’t Rockstar’s fault, and it isn’t mine.

The only control I have over my stories is the language. I can still shock without profanity. That’s the low hanging fruit tactic. I don’t like low fruit. I still want to have poignant stories, however, I want to have clean poignancy. It’s kind of like using natural gas instead of dirty coal.

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