March 2015

Thick Blood Theory Cover

My new eBook posted today! I need some reviews, I’ll give you an advance copy. You can read it on Kindle, Nook, laptop. home computer, or smartphone. Sign up […]

New Cover to my Oldest Book

I said last year that I would bring back A Hunter’s Blood. I do understand that I had to push back the elease speculation. That was because my publisher was […]

That Publisher font was getting tired for me so I switched. I think that it’s easier to read, and you can access all of my eBooks better. I just thought […]

If you’re a fiction enthusiast, and support independent authors, I’ve been writing wild fiction stories since 2008. I think that most of my reviewers of my eBooks have written that […]

I just promoted Spark of Dawn: The Assassin’s Vindication, and I think that there were many people out there that aren’t apprehensive anymore about my stories. Yes, I’m a green […]