2015 Will Be My Year!

Well, it’s the new year, and I began my Amazon career February of 2014. I learned a lot about marketing e-books in 2014. I realized that you have to market yourself because there are at least 41,000 books published every day, and that you have to stand out. I also realized that you had to give away your e-books in order to get Amazon reviewers to even write a recap of your stories so other consumers would feel at ease when buying your tale.

You can’t just write one book, and expect to have a lucrative income, and that there’s a lot of fly-by-night sales aides that promise the world. There are no quick fixes, and for an independent author,  marketing your book IS your job. Writing your tale is the easy part.

I also learned that accuracy in fiction is key. In order for your fans to appreciate your tale, you have to sprinkle fact with your fiction so they can’t tell the difference, and could allow their suspension of disbelief.

I was a rookie when I began. I had one book on Amazon from a previous publisher, but didn’t realize that reviews got you sales so it sat barren of any recaps since 2008. With the cost of my first 168 page book ($26 hardcover) I wouldn’t even buy that book. My new publisher, Tom Corson-Knowels, brought my works back to plausibility ($2.99 an e-book).

I have four e-books published now. I discontinued my hardcover, but I’ll bring it out again. I also have one other in production now, one being edited, two more waiting to be edited, and writing one now. I’ll be at nine before June of this new year. Like I said, 2015 is my year. Thanks for you support.

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