November 2014

My book became active last week, and I offered it to Amazon reviewers to read and write what they thought of my tale. This is an arduous process for an […]

I just got the Amazon web site that Spark of Dawn:The Assassin’s Vindication is on. Please enjoy my book. Sign up for my blog

This is a sneak peak of Spark of Dawn. Call it a preview of all the excitement that Yoake Hibana has to go through. Please enjoy Spark of Dawn excerpt […]

Spark Is Almost Here!

I just received the cover to Spark of Dawn:The Assassin’s Vindication. It will be out soon. If you sign up, you can read the story for review. I want to […]

Alright people.  This one can be controversial in certain eyes. This s The Final Option: A Science Fiction Novel about Armageddon. This excerpt will tell you of the intensity […]

I have realized that most of you don’t know me, or any of my work. I never let you kick my tires so this excerpt is from Terror on Arrival: […]

I have decided to give you a taste of one of my stories. You might want more. All of my e-books are on Amazon at This excerpt is from […]