October 2014

When I began my career as an author, I began rather harsh in my vocabulary. I thought that harsh language made my stories have a bite to them. I took […]

I just found a jewel. A few fans of the Star Was universe redid Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back. I was in grade school when this instillation of George’s […]

I just saw Radio Free Albemuth. It was an interesting sci-fi story. I haven’t read the story because Phillip has a plethora of them. I read a review on it […]

I know that I love to write science fiction, but that isn’t everything that I like. I write fiction. That is a large playground. I write about what I’m interested […]

You remember that little story about typical guy becoming The One right? I think it was called The Matrix. The Wachowskis made a ground breaking tale in the likes of […]

When I was in middle school, my English teacher, Mr. Maher, gave us a book report. He told us to read the book, and tell about it. A lot of […]

I started off trying to share my warped imagination. I think that I have a talent. My friend Tony told me that I described a movie way better than what […]