October 2014

I’ve been fabricating a tale of ethereal, dark danger. I have read many books, and have seen many movies. It is tough to create something that hasn’t been created before. […]

We are fiction writers. Where do we get our inspiration from? My inspiration comes from imagination, and dreams. There was an iconic tale from a woman called Mary Shelly. She […]

I have more than three books. They’re not production ready yet. Those are things that you cannot do by yourself. You need professional editors to tighten up your tale. Even […]

  Reason is powerless in the expression of love.-Rumi I sank into the couch, and wrapped a fleecy gray blanket over my legs. I was thankful to be welcomed into […]

I just received an email from my publisher, and Tom informed me of my next book coming out. He’s just waiting for the artists to design a stellar cover. The […]

I’ve been working hard this year at my stories. On Amazon, reviews make sales. Customers need to be reassured that they aren’t buying garbage. There are too many scams out […]

There are many misconceptions in life. We just accept them as fact, and never investigate. Being a writer, your job is to research. When I write the name Frankenstein, did […]