September 2014

I used to entertain. I was a pretty good rapper. The reason people liked me was because I respected them. If they are paying to witness your talent, they should […]

Oscar Pistorius has been found not guilty of premeditated murder. He could have had a 25 years to life sentence if he was found guilty. The judge,¬† Thokozile Masipa, said […]

I just heard that the Baltimore Ravens¬† terminated Ray Rice’s contract because of the infamous elevator incident. A few months ago, Solange got into an altercation with Jay-Z in an […]

So I started something new. I’m trying to write a horror book. When you write something, you want to live in the moment of your book’s situation. I’m not talking […]

I just realized how mature I really am. I never call myself old. That’s like giving up to me. I was talking about audio equipment with a gentleman more mature […]

I’ve been doing sciece fiction for my first four books. I love the medium, Issac Asmov, George Orwell, Phillip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, I’ve enjoyed all of them. Science […]

I was working on my new story about a scientist with Asperger’s Syndrome trying to create a cure for his affliction. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome, so I thought that […]

I just watched Oculus(tm) over the Labor Day weekend. I heard that it was the scariest movie in decades. When I looked at the sleeve, I thought it was pg13. […]