August 2014

When I spoke with my publisher, he told me that whatever I wrote outside of my story didn’t make a difference to anyone. They just wanted the meat, not the […]

Since I’m a fiction writer. many people ask what I’m on to create all those crazy stories. I’m not the one to use any substance to alter my mind. I […]

When I was eleven An American Werewolf in London(tm) came out. When I was twelve The Thing(tm) came out. I was very impressionable, because the face melting scene in Raiders […]

Okay, I know that I’m a nerd. I know the Infinity Gauntlet better than I know what style is new this season, but I like football. I don’t have Hardwck […]

Martin Lawrence just confirmed on Conan that Bad Boys 3 is real! Now this hasn’t aired yet, so this is brand spanking new. It should be on tonight. I’m a […]

Lauren Bacall, born Betty Jean Perske, passed away Tuesday, August 12th 2014. She lived an amazing, and long life. She died at 89 in New York. Lauren did great movies […]

The first thing that I want to say is rest in peace Robin Williams. The man was an entertainment juggernaut. He ranged from comedy to dramatic roles. He made me […]

Not many things interest me. I’m a graphic novel nut, and I like science fiction. Those two things have certain derivatives that are components to them. Science is one of […]

I have succumb to the fact that I’m a nerd. A synonym of that word is Trekkie. Star Trek: Renegades should be coming out this year, and if you’re a […]