July 2014

I was discussing graphic novels with friends on Facebook yesterday, and we got into a debate about who could beat who. We referenced stats of certain individuals, and put them […]

I just found out that 41,000 books are published every day. If you were an infant, and you read a book a day from this day, you’d be 123 years […]

I’ve been working at my blog for about a month trying to get it looking good. I am nowhere finished with it, but right now, it just seems like it’s […]

When I write, I make an entire story. I normally don’t think of my stories in a franchise format. I know that there are many books with many stories. That […]

I’ve always wanted to write intriguing tales. My love is science ficyion, but I guess with all of my previous books, you probably got that. The next one I’m writing […]

I wrote something years ago pertaining to cosmic fairness. Karma is the unforgiving law of morality. I’ve lived by that most of my life. If someone does you wrong, even […]

I like adventure. I read exciting turmoil. It gets me going. Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy. Those guys are masters, and their art lives on longer than they ever will. I […]

When I was a teenager, I was deep into comic books. I drew my characters, and was pretty good at it. I was into the action of comics. I could […]